The Power of Building Internal Communities



External networking and development programs can ultimately lead current employees to find new jobs. However, building powerful internal networks and communities can benefit both the employees and the businesses they support in three key ways.

Connection & Belonging

Fostering a sense of connection and belonging in the workplace is actually good for business!

Employees who feel connected to their organization's mission are notably better performers and those who feel a sense of community tend to have longer tenure within the company. 

Support an inclusive workplace culture and drive employee engagement by: 

  • Connecting employees through ERGs
  • Humanizing the workplace by encouraging authenticity
  • Implementing diversity training and inclusive language

It is important to keep in mind that disengaged employees come with a cost. This includes lower morale, lower productivity and higher turnover.


We have all heard the line, ‘there is no “I” in team.’ But what does that really mean? Businesses can’t operate optimally without high performing employees. When modeling a collaborative culture, keep in mind: 

  • Employees want to have a voice and be invested in business decisions 
  • Employees want to work with and for people who can relate to and understand them
  • Sharing the workload lessens individual burden
  • Inclusive teams lend themselves to diverse perspectives
  • Internal mentors can provide guidance and direction

Remember, a non-inclusive workplace only serves to divide.

Internal Business Networking Leads to Promoting from Within

Finally, if your employees are turning to popular job search tools for their professional development and networking, it is likely they are also being lured in by potentially better opportunities. Creating a culture of promoting from within lets your top-performing employees know that hard work and loyalty is valued and rewarded. When deciding where to start your search, consider:   

  • Internal candidates already know the company
  • Opportunity for professional growth leads to higher employee morale
  • Reduced hiring and training costs

While not all open positions lend themselves to promoting from within, it is important to make the right decision for both the employees and the employer. 

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