Corporate Gifting Matters (More Than You Think!)


2022 has given way to a slew of employee trends from The Great Resignation to The Great Breakup and even Quiet Quitting. But if there is one underlying theme we can pinpoint it’s that employees want to feel valued by their companies. 

And, what better way to make your employees feel appreciated than by giving them a memorable and valuable gift this holiday season! In fact, according to an article published by Forbes, 80% of those surveyed said corporate gifting has led to improved relationships and even showed a substantial benefit with employee retention.

Sounds easy, right? Those responsible for finding the perfect employee gift might disagree. 

Corporate Gifting Is Changing

Making your female employees feel valued and appreciated is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity. And, for most companies, the easiest way to show recognition is by giving a tangible token of appreciation. But what do you give the working women on your team that seemingly have everything?

Employee Expectations Are High

Pre-pandemic companies could get away with gifting branded apparel or generic baskets, but these days workers are paying closer attention to how well their employer really understands their needs. The emotional benefits of a gift that is well thought out and personal will lead to greater employee satisfaction. 

The Delivery Dilemma

Shipping anything these days is a bit of a crapshoot. 

  • Employees forget to update their addresses with employers
  • Staffing shortages are causing delivery delays
  • Package theft is on the rise

If by this point you are feeling overwhelmed, TONE is here to the rescue!

The #1 Holiday Gift For Your Female Employees

This year, ditch the seasonal struggle of trying to find the perfect gift for the women in your workplace and give a gift that keeps giving all year long - not just a few weeks. 

At less than the price of a fancy fruit tower, TONE Networks is the most cost-effective and scalable professional coaching and mentoring solution focused on developing your early to mid-career female employees both personally and professionally.

Show your employees they are appreciated and valued by investing in their well-being. With over 1,800 videos from more than 70 credentialed experts, TONE has something for everyone, anytime and from anywhere! 

We make giving the gift of TONE easy!

  • Fully customizable company page (your logo!)
  • Virtual delivery (no delivery fees!)
  • Easy onboarding (leave the marketing to us!)

But HURRY! To ensure an on-time virtual delivery, the last day to order is 12/14. It’s simple – request a quote, provide the list of recipient emails and we’ll take care of the rest!

Ready to make the investment in your underserved female employees? Contact us for your quote today.