The Power of Mentorship



When polled, 70% of the TONE community reported that mentoring has the most impact on their professional and personal development. However, 70% also shared that they don't currently have a mentor. This void appears to be a huge missed opportunity for employees to grow and for companies to develop their future leaders.            

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In addition to professional development, mentees also benefit from receiving practical guidance, networking and exposure, increasing levels of confidence, obtaining candid feedback, being held accountable and developing valuable relationships.

Mentoring circles are also a proven way to build connection and community among diverse individuals who share common goals. However, the most effective mentoring programs require structure, planning and programming which requires time and effort. Many leaders shy away from volunteering to mentor others due to the added commitment on top of the demands of their jobs.

TONE offers a full-service, turnkey mentoring program where we do all of the heavy lifting for you. Based on input from your employees, TONE works with you to identify key topics for your mentoring groups to discuss. TONE creates a calendar highlighting the topic for each month along with a video playlist and discussion prompts for the group. This service is free to TONE member companies and can be implemented in 6-8 weeks. If needed, TONE can also facilitate setting up small mentoring circles of 5-7 mentees from within your company based on common interests and goals. 

Some sample topics include:  Effective Communication, Storytelling and Brand Building, Self-Doubt/Imposter Syndrome, Advocacy, Career Planning, Stress Relief, Work-Life Balance and Giving and Getting Feedback.

To learn more about the benefits and impact of mentoring, watch our TONE Talk, "The Power of Mentorship" featuring Dr. L.D Bennett.