Embeddedness: The Key to Retention

During the pandemic, an estimated 4.2 million women left the workforce due to increasing demands both on and off the job.  A healthy balance of family, business and personal achievements is critical to well-being, and this balance will continue to impact retention. 

This is where Job Embeddedness Theory comes into play. It concludes that on-the-job factors become embedded with influences from personal and family life and ultimately impact an employee's decision to stay at a job. These influences include: 

  •  relationships with co-workers
  •  the degree to which an employee's skill-set matches the employer's expectations 
  • organization-sponsored activities for employees

In addition, these three factors determine the level of connection a woman may feel with her workplace:

  • Shared values and common goals 
  • Internal networks and connectedness 
  • Dependency on income, insurance, formal and informal benefits

When demands from the workplace become too much, an employee is more likely to quit due to burnout.  And, with the increasing pressure women face, the Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey found that an astonishing 31% of women were experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression compared to only 23% of men.  

TONE Networks offers tools such as on-demand coaching videos, bi-monthly live streaming coaching events and a tight-knit virtual network of women to create a feeling of belonging and connection that results in job embeddedness and an increase in retention.  Contact us through the form below to learn more.