Five Ways You CAN Prioritize Workplace Wellness

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Let’s get honest, women aren’t any more capable than men when it comes to juggling a million different responsibilities, yet they are expected to do so… without complaining. Today’s “wonder woman” plays significant roles in society, work and in the home, but more often than not, their efforts are overlooked and underappreciated leading to burnout and a lack of sense of self.     

True equity begins when companies recognize that mental health is interconnected with our day-to-day experiences. And, workers who don’t take care of their mental health, cost employers money. As societal leaders, here are five ways you can contribute to workplace wellness to better serve your female employees and create a community of caring. 

Destigmatize Mental Health 

According to Mental Health First Aid, women are twice as likely to develop depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) resulting from societal gender disparities and are more likely to internalize their struggles as failure.  

Although we have come a long way, stigma still acts as a barrier to proper care and can lead to worsening symptoms. As leaders and changemakers, companies must share in the responsibility of educating and advocating for mental health awareness by sharing helpful resources and encouraging open dialogue.

Promote Equity and Level the Playing Field

For every 100 men promoted, only 87 women are promoted into a managerial position. If we don’t retain more women earlier in their careers, and give them equal opportunity, we will never achieve comparable gender representation in leadership positions.

  • Start by conducting third-party annual reviews to close the gap for pay discrepancies.

  • Look at the ways in which you source talent to include underrepresented groups.

  • See where you can promote from within.

Women who are recognized and fairly compensated feel successful - making a positive impact on a companies’ bottom line.  

Give Permission to Take Wellness Breaks

Women tend to put others before themselves, often at the expense of their health and well-being. And, they often feel the need to prove their productivity with over-performance using self-care as a reward rather than a necessity. 

As an employer, you should be encouraging your female employees to take time out for themselves every day…on company time. Microbreaks throughout the day lead to better recovery and performance.   

Foster Internal Community Building

According to the 2023 SeekHer Shift Report on Bridging the Gap in Women’s Mental Health, 71% of women polled said they valued emotional support over other support systems. 

Employees who feel connected to their organization and its people are better performers. 

You can support an caring workplace culture by: 

  • Connecting employees through ERGs and events

  • Humanizing the workplace by encouraging authenticity

  • Including your employees in decision making

Offer Continuous Mentoring and Coaching

Women face unique challenges both personally and professionally and TONE Networks offers a unique solution. Designed for women, by women, TONE is the proven micro-mentoring and coaching solution addressing real-world challenges facing women that impact their careers.

In fact, 54% of TONE members are more engaged at work and more than half report that they are more likely to stay with their current employer because they feel more connected and supported.

Remember, when women win, we all win. Contact us below to schedule a meeting to learn more.