10 Steps to Stress Less

Beat Stress

Is stress ever a good thing? That’s still up for debate. Nevertheless, it’s inevitable and how you respond to stress, particularly workplace induced stress, can make or break how you view your career. Of our TONE members, 51% reported experiencing high levels of stress.


And, as we know, burnout from unmanaged stress is one of the main reasons people choose to leave their jobs.

But, effective stress management is a tool that can be added to your resiliency toolbox to help you gain perspective, mitigate distress and thrive both personally and professionally. 

Here are 10 ways you can turn stress into your new superpower:

  • Name the emotion - Stress is not an emotion, but rather it is a reaction to an emotional state. Take a step back and try to pinpoint what feeling you are reacting to. 
  • Identify the type of stress you’re experiencing -  Different types of stress require unique responses. By bucketing the stress you are experiencing, you give yourself the power to react and change.  
  • Balance stress with recovery - In the thick of a stressful situation, utilize micro-recovery strategies like breathing exercises and affirmations. You may already be doing these unconsciously!
  • Reframe your story - There are always two sides to every story, try to find the good in your situation and create a space that allows you to take control and respond. 
  • Take deep breaths -  Deep breathing can help lessen your anxiety. Take a slow, deep breath in through your nose until you feel your belly inflate. Then, slowly exhale and repeat until you feel a sense of relaxation.
  • Practice gratitude - Studies show adopting a “gratitude attitude” can positively impact how you respond to stress and anxiety.
  • Seek music - Make a playlist of feel-good music.
  • Seek laughter - After all, laughter is the best medicine.
  • Journal - Putting your thoughts and emotions down on paper can help you understand them better. 

  • Move - Use your pent up energy to pump up your endorphins through physical activity. Daily exercise does wonders for the mind and body.  

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Johnson is Co-founder and Chief Visionary of ViDL Solutions, a consulting firm that supports organizations so they can function at full capacity.

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