Three Proven Strategies for Retaining Female Talent



The Conference Board reports the number one challenge CEOs face in 2022 is the labor shortage – making attracting and retaining talent their top priority. As a result of the pandemic, retaining women has become an even bigger challenge but it's not impossible. Traditional tactics simply aren't getting the desired results and with investors and shareholders setting and expecting to achieve certain diversity and equity goals, something has to change.

Here are three proven solutions that you can easily implement for immediate impact without incurring a huge expense.

Be InclusiveComcastQuote

In the past, executive coaching has been limited to the select few high-potential women at the manager or director level due to the high costs. However, with online resources, offering coaching and mentoring support to all women earlier in their careers can increase retention and grow the pipeline of women who are ready and eager to move into more senior roles.

Seeing is Believing

Showcase your female senior executives and be loud and proud of their accomplishments. Highlight their career journeys and share their advice for the other women in your organization. Feature them as role-models for all women in the company and encourage them to give other women permission to focus on developing their skills and confidence.

Create Powerful Internal Networks

Many women join external women’s networking organizations to seek support, guidance and connection. However, those relationships often lead to new jobs outside of their current company. Instead, cultivate an interactive and supportive internal virtual community within the company where women can engage and connect with one another to create a greater sense of belonging.

TONE Networks is the only proven solution for growing, connecting and retaining early to-mid career women at scale. Survey results reveal that 89% of TONE members say that TONE positively impacts their professional and personal development and 50% are more likely to stay with their current employer.

Founded and led by experienced female professionals, TONE is currently supporting women in companies across industries including Fortune 500 companies like Comcast, Coca-Cola and Bank of America.

Employees, especially women, are being more selective about where they work. TONE Networks provides time-starved women with personalized, bite-sized video clips from diverse experts addressing a variety of topics from career advancement to well-being and finding balance. Connect with us to learn more today!