We've Got Answers to Those Dreaded Holiday Questions


Weve Got Answers to Those Dreaded Holiday Questions (960 × 640 px)We’ve all been at that holiday dinner table or office party when all of a sudden...BAM!…did they really just ask THAT?

Relationship and Communication Expert, Rachel DeAlto, and Host, Wendee Lee Curtis, discussed how to approach those awkward, dreaded questions that inevitably come up during holiday gatherings. 


Here are four scenarios to help you navigate your next get together. 

Question: So, are you dating anyone special?

Appropriate Answer: “I am having a great time right now and I will keep you updated.”

Deflection is key.

Question: You look… different. How’s the diet going?

Appropriate Answer: “I’m great,” and then change the subject. Shut it down with a few words and redirect the conversation.

Most people don’t care enough to keep asking.

Question: Who did you vote for?

Appropriate Answer: “That’s not something I talk about publicly. That doesn’t sound like the best conversation starter in this day and age.”

You don’t owe anyone anything or a response to a question that feels like an invasion of privacy or your emotions.

Question: Did you get the booster?

Appropriate answer: If you know it’s going to be problematic, then say, “We don’t have to talk about our healthcare choices, do we?”


Set clear boundaries and stay true to them. 

Keep in mind people are going to judge and have opinions no matter what you say or do but the only person’s opinion that truly matters is your own. If you spend some time thinking about your triggers, it will give you more control over your reactions. Protect yourself and set your boundaries. And, remember this holiday season and beyond, take care of YOU first!

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