Win the Room One Conversation at a Time


Communicating with clarity and confidence is one of the most important life and workplace skills, yet so many of us struggle with how to do it well. But, like with so many things, to communicate effectively, practice makes perfect. 

To get you started, we asked CEO and Communications Expert, Jessica Chen, and Emmy-winning host, Kristina Behr, for their top tips to help you speak up effectively, build your visibility, navigate virtual environments and enhance your presentation skills. 

If You’re the Quiet Type

Not all great communicators identify as extroverts and not all introverts are terrible communicators. If you tend to be quieter:

  • Speaking up sooner rather than later gives you less time to convince yourself otherwise. 
  • Speak up even when you don’t feel qualified to do so.
  • Remember, not everything that comes out of your mouth needs to be profound, sometimes an acknowledgement is enough to show you are engaged. 
  • Ask questions to keep the conversation flowing. 
  • Anchor your response off of what was just said.

Overcoming Fear

If you experience anxiety or symptoms of physical illness at the thought of speaking in front of a group, try humanizing the experience. Think of your audience as individuals with names, not titles, to help you remember that we are all the same… human.

You can also try keeping a photo of an individual who brings you joy and peace within eyesight to help bring you back down if you begin to feel anxious. 

Body Language Speaks Volumes

Consciously or unconsciously, your facial expressions and the way you move your body signals your intentions and level of interest in a conversation. For some, this may come naturally, but for others, it may feel rehearsed. Here are three ways to build authenticity in your conversations: 

  1. Loosen up and imagine you are talking to a good friend. 
  2. Using your hands can help you come off as more engaging. 
  3. Smile when it comes from a sincere place. 

Building Your Visibility

To put what you’ve learned into practice, make yourself visible. The next time you find yourself in a group setting, make it a point to say something. Start small, maybe it’s a typed comment in a chat or a verbal contribution with your camera off. Whatever it is, the more you push yourself to step outside your comfort zone, the easier it will become to put yourself out there. And, the more you make yourself visible, the more people will remember you.  

Missed the livestream event? For more from Jessica Chen and host, Kristina Behr, catch the session on-demand. 



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