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Do you sometimes dread getting ready for work? And, let's be honest, do you really feel your best when you throw on a top with pajama bottoms for that Zoom meeting? You CAN look better, feel better and dress for success! Celebrity Style and Personal Development Expert Lauren Messiah shares her top tips for creating a style strategy that works for you and elevates your game.

  • Let Go of Other People's Opinions. There is always some resistance to change. When you start to do things differently and level up, people are going to notice and say something, While you will never please everyone, make pleasing yourself the top priority.

  • Take the Emotion Out. When things don't fit or "look right," it is not your fault, they are just clothes. Remember it is not you -- it is the clothes you are choosing to buy. There are plenty of other options, explore them.

  • Don't Worry So Much About the Trends. Keep in mind that trends come and go.  
    You can dip your toes into the trend without going all out. As Lauren says, “Every trend on the buffet, you don't have to put on your plate.”

  • Have a Power Color. What color makes you happy? Does pink just boost your confidence right away and make you feel in charge? Maybe orange? Infuse that color into your work wardrobe for an instant boost in the office. 

  • Shop for Quality. When looking for basics don't settle for less, you want your staple pieces to last. Head to Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack and search. Educate yourself by searching out styles, be patient and build a quality wardrobe over time.

  • Head Into the Store Prepared. Before you buy something at the store, realize what you wear is an outer manifestation of what is going on inside. Ask yourself why you are really buying something. Go in with a plan and a checklist to help you stay on track.

  • Let it Go. Stop personalizing clothes and hanging onto clothes that don't fit, don't work or are aged. Stop living “just in case," when we let things go, we open up energy to let other, new things in.  

  • Imagine it First. As you are shopping, visualize how you want to be, feel and what you want to have come back to you. Do you want to feel nurturing? Maybe strong, relatable or powerful?  Identify whatever it is and knowing this will help you stay in alignment with who you are what you are trying to accomplish through your wardrobe choices. 

  • Style Self-Discovery. Find out who you are, spend some time on that and once you are more familiar with yourself, your style will become authentic and this is where the magic happens. 

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