Trending NOW: Inclusive Leadership Development

Trending NOW  Inclusive Leadership Development

This has already been a tough year for DEI programs with increasing polarization and a shift in sentiment, but there are some core principles that will live on and continue to evolve. So, for those committed to workplace wellness and building better leaders, here are the top six inclusive leadership trends you should be focusing on to support the unique needs of a diverse workforce. 

1. The Digital Transformation

Gone are the days of expensive, in-person leadership training programs traditionally reserved for those select few already at the top. And, whether we like it or not, hybrid and remote working situations are here to stay which means employers need to provide more flexible and accessible options for delivering effective coaching and mentoring. 

This year will be all about leveraging technology to develop your future leaders virtually –  anytime, anywhere and from any device. But, not all technology platforms are created equally. When choosing a solution for your organization, remember that we often ask our leaders to bring their whole selves to work so find a tool that inspires authenticity and focuses on both personal and professional development delivered by credentialed experts. 

2. Bite-Size Content

With the rise of technology came the fall of attention spans. And while we can debate  the consequences of short-form content on social media, what is irrefutable is that this type of content attracts and engages users. 

In 2024, support your future leaders with continuous, right-sized content that keeps them coming back for more when they have a few minutes to spare. With TONE Networks, in just 2-3 minutes a day, your employees can learn a new skill from battling burnout to working smarter, not harder. And as a leader, you can encourage your team’s learning and development by giving them permission to take microbreaks throughout their day.  

3. Engage the Middle

By 2030, our U.S. workforce will experience a significant skilled labor shortage and those organizations that invested in developing their future leaders from within will ultimately come out on top. 

This year, build your leadership pipeline by developing early to mid-career employees to maximize their potential as future leaders. Because when employees feel valued through development and advancement opportunities, companies enjoy higher retention rates and increased productivity. 

4. Community Learning

According to several learning studies, individuals retain approximately 50% of the information they discuss with others. 

This year, get rid of the individualistic approach to learning and find opportunities for your team to connect in collaborative learning activities. This could include: 

  • Hosting a TONE Talk watch party with extra time after the event to share reactions, experiences and solutions
  • Lunch and learn over any of TONE’s videos or events on-demand (don’t forget to bring the snacks!)
  • Facilitating a roundtable discussion around a video topic that matters to your group

The best part, all of these activities can be done in-person or virtually!

5. Continuous Learning

The average cost to send an employee to a professional development conference is in the range of a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars, but in today’s landscape this one-and-and done event just doesn’t cut it anymore. In fact, lack of career development for the early to middle manager is among the top reasons they might decide to leave their job. 

Offering accessible and continuous learning and development opportunities to your workers earlier in their career can grow your pipeline of talent who are ready and eager to move into more senior roles.

6. Measuring Impact With Data

It’s 2024 – time to stop spending money on programs and platforms that don’t deliver. This year, commit to making data-driven decisions. If your current development platform isn’t getting you the results they promised, it may be time to look elsewhere.

At TONE Networks, carefully curated video content from credentialed experts is personalized for each individual and customized for each company resulting in a very high engagement rate of 89%.  Also, behavioral data provides valuable insights into the topics and issues that are top of mind for your employees.

So, if you’re looking to implement a development strategy that gets real results, we’d love to chat. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll love us, we want to set you and your team up with a no-commitment pilot. Just fill out the contact form below and we’ll contact you to discuss your 2024 strategy.