Well-being: Not Just Another Organizational Buzzword



Employee well-being encompasses various aspects of an employee's life that can impact their performance, engagement and overall professional experience. So while your weekly yoga offering may tick the physical self-care box, wellness is a multi-dimensional concept in which various aspects of life contribute to overall health and well-being. 

And, with workplace engagement in the U.S. on the decline and stress steadily on the incline, employee well-being must be top of mind for organizations that seek to create a positive work environment. After all, organizations that prioritize employee well-being experience higher retention rates, increased morale and improved productivity. 

To get started, hear from several of our TONE experts addressing components of employee well-being you should be prioritizing in your workplace:

1. Physical Health: We weren’t meant to sit behind a desk all day. Here are some easy exercises you can share with your employees that will leave them feeling strong and re-energized.


2. Mental Health: Learn how to better understand and normalize employee mental health by creating a stigma-free, supportive culture.


3. Work-Life Balance: Supporting a healthy balance between work and personal life is crucial. This includes reasonable working hours, flexible work arrangements, and policies that promote time off for relaxation and personal activities.


4. Social Connection: Connect your workplace by encouraging teamwork, communication, and foster a sense of community through employee resource groups.


5. Financial Well-Being: Financial stress can negatively impact an employee's overall well-being. Consider offering financial wellness resources to help employees navigate their finances.


6. Professional Development: Provide your employees with continuous learning opportunities and career growth through mentorship opportunities.


7. Feedback and Job Satisfaction: Create a culture of appreciation by acknowledging your employees for their contributions and help them know where they can improve through continuous feedback.


8. Inclusion and Diversity: Embrace the unique needs, talents and perspectives of all of your employees.


Instead of trying to tackle each component individually, incorporate a solution like TONE Networks that focuses on whole-body and mind health and wellness. TONE focuses on empowering your employees to reach their full potential through customized, on-demand personal and professional development from more than 100 diverse experts and allies, all in an inclusive community.

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